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Sanitary Engineering Notice

The Septic System and Water Well Programs are working with reduced services during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to serve the needs of the county residents, the review and approval of permits is being conducted on a limited basis. For more information, call Perc Testing: 410-222-7193, Septic Installations: 410-222-7194 or Water Wells: 410-222-7398.

Effective June 22, the department will expand percolation testing beyond the repair of failing onsite sewage disposal systems, currently being performed. Perc tests for additions and new construction will resume, as well as site inspections for limited home additions and verification of existing systems.

For properties that submitted a perc application before April 1, 2020, call the Sanitary Engineering Program at 410-222-7193 to verify if the planned perc test is wet season restricted. Scheduling testing is the responsibility of the applicant or owner, who should contact the sanitarian serving their property’s location. Area sanitarian phone numbers are available at Perc Testing Areas.

Building Permit Review Checklist for Wells

View the document below or click here to download.

The following must be shown on a site plan for the subject property, as well as the neighboring properties. The plan must be drawn to engineer’s scale (1 inch = 10, 20, 30 feet, etc.):

___ Existing and/or proposed well locations
___ Property lines
___ Existing structures
___ Proposed structures
___ Name(s) of road(s) abutting property
___ Type and location of sewer mains and septic systems
___ Stormwater management devices
___ Mayo tank/grinder pump

The following separation distances apply to any proposed well:

___ 30’ from a building foundation
___ 10’ from a property line
___ 15’ from a roadside property line, right of way or easement
___ 50’ from a septic tank, pump pit, distribution box or septic disposal area
___ 50’ from a sewage force main
___ 50’ from a gravity sewer main constructed of clay (VCPX)
___ 50’ from gravity sewer constructed of PVC, HDPE or cast iron
___ 50’ from a Mayo tank or grinder pump
___ 50’ from any identifiable or potential source of contamination (ex: underground oil tank)
___ 50’ from a stormwater management subsurface infiltration area or sediment pond
___ 10’ from a sewer to house connection
___ 10’ from closed conduit stormwater piping

Additionally, there must be access for a well rig to drill the well in the proposed location.

Any proposed structure must be located 30 feet from an existing well. Upon written request, a variance may be considered to allow a proposed structure to be located as close as 20 feet from the subject property’s existing drilled well. A variance will not be granted to a neighboring well.

To determine the adequacy of an existing well, it may be necessary for a licensed well driller to evaluate the depth and yield, or for a Maryland State Certified Private Laboratory to test for water quality.

The upper terminal of the well must meet current code. A drilled well casing must extend at least 8 inches above finished grade and be fitted with a vermin-proof well cap. A well in a flood area must extend at least 24 inches above finished grade and be fitted with a flood-proof well cap.

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