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Anne Arundel County Public Health Measures for Recovery

Last updated: August 4, 2020

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These measures will be used to guide the county’s approach to recovery.

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Hospitals: Ensures adequate capacity to provide hospital care for COVID-19 positive patients in the setting of a surge of cases

  • COVID-19 hospital census
  • COVID-19 ICU census
    Goal: Sustained 14 day decrease

Community: Measures monitor community spread and exclude congregate facilities which are monitored separately

  • Community deaths due to COVID-19
  • Community COVID-19 cases
    Goal: Sustained 14 day decrease

Testing: Adequate testing capacity to ensure same day access to testing for symptomatic individuals and high risk asymptomatic individuals and captures a high percentage of people who are infected

  • Percent of tests performed that are COVID-19 positive
    Goal: less than 10%
  • Sustained testing of county population
    Goal: 2% of population per week

PPE: Ensure adequate supply to manage a sudden increase in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) usage due to a surge of cases

  • Supply of PPE on hand (surgical masks, N95 masks, face shields, gowns, gloves) for hospitals, health care providers, first responders, congregate settings and long term care facilities
    Goal: 14 day supply

Contact Tracing: Ensure that spread is suppressed through rigorous contact tracing, isolation and quarantine

  • Cases being contact traced
    Goal: Greater than 90% of cases contacted within 24 hours
  • Number of contact tracers
    Goal: 15-30 contact tracers per 100K population

Health Equity: Ensure that those at greater risk receive additional resources

  • Integrated case management into contact tracing
  • Targeted communication, outreach, testing and support for at risk populations, including African-American and Hispanic communities
  • Targeted testing, PPE and support for populations in congregate settings

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